Synopsis: After Endgame, Peter Parker is still struggling with the death of his father figure Tony Stark. He then takes a trip to Europe with his class where Nick Fury recruits him to help a new superhero named Mysterio. They are trying to defeat 4 element monsters who are trying to destroy the world. Little does Peter know that everything is not what it seems.

Review: This movie is another amazing Marvel movie and it is one of my favorite Marvel movies. It is full of comedy and many action scenes. Also it contains the Marvel flare that is in every Marvel movie. And the movie makes people fall more in love with Peter Parker as a character and the Marvel Universe as a whole.

The movie stars the same characters that you know and love with a few new characters. In this movie you really get to see the sensitive side of Peter Parker and you can tell that he is really struggling with the death of Tony. Furthermore this movie really shows the effect of Endgame and it is interesting to see how humanity keeps moving and adapting no matter what comes at them. Overall it is a great movie to watch but you need to watch the previous Marvel movies to really understand what is going on in this movie.

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