Synopsis: The love story of Bella and Edward from Edward’s perspective. We know the story from love stricken Bella but now we get to hear Edward’s thoughts on the matter. Edward was far more conflicted that Bella could have known and now we know.

Review: I love Twilight, I’ve read the books and watched the movies multiple times. Keeping this in mind, I personally feel like the story is extremely flawed and problematic. My problems with the series and movies did not stop me from reading Midnight Sun as soon as it came out.

Reading Twilight, I was extremely unimpressed by Bella and couldn’t understand how Edward couldn’t stay away from her. This book, while not entirely clearing this up, gave me insight into what Edward saw in Bella. We already know how Bella fell deeply in love with Edward and that Edward was conflicted to say the least. In this book, we watch Edward struggle for months with the idea of loving Bella and all the risks and possibilities that entails.

Edward is known to be solitary, brooding, and distant but Midnight Sun highlights these traits in a way that makes the book take forever. Personally, being invested in the story, I powered through the endless paragraphs of him worrying about how he could hurt Bella but in all honesty, the book is far too long. Overall, I would say Twilight lovers will enjoy seeing Edward’s side of the famous story but only if you are truly interested in this story will you manage to finish the entire book.

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