Synopsis: A must-read for SNL fans. Colin Jost is hilarious on tv and in his book. His life is more entertaining than anyone could imagine and this book gives readers a look into the chaos that is his amazing life. You learn about his time at SNL and how many times he’s been punched in the face.

Review: I have been a fan of SNL for over a year, Colin Jost being one of my favorites in the cast. His smile and inability to keep a straight face has made him a fan favorite. I didn’t know he was writing a book until it was published, I also didn’t know how much I needed this book to exist.

Colin goes into his life, every moment that could be deemed entertaining is in this book. He tells us about the best times of his life and the most embarrassing for the sake of our entertainment. There are entire segments about the times he was punched in the face and his time on SNL among other hilarious stories. Any fan of SNL or Colin Jost should read this book. Even if you are not and just want a good laugh, this is a great book to read.

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