Tax season is upon us! Here is some important information regarding filing your 2020 taxes.

The IRS announced that tax forms will be accepted starting Friday, February 12, 2021. This is also when online fillable forms will be available. The deadline is still April 15, unless an extension is requested and approved. EDIT: As of March 17, the IRS has extended the filing and payment deadline to May 17, 2021. You can read the IRS statement here.

The library has a limited number of printed tax documents available to patrons free of charge. We are happy to help patrons who need additional materials to print using our computer services. We expect to receive more forms at the beginning of February.

Eager to start now? Below you can download popular forms. Check out our mobile printing page to send the documents to the library’s computer lab print queue without the hassle of making a computer reservation. To utilize your $1 daily print allowance, make sure to type your library card number in the User field.
Note: The computer lab printer is inaccessible during computer lab cleaning times. Please call ahead for lab cleaning schedule or to make alternative arrangements.

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Federal Forms

On the IRS website, you can find pages for

Popular forms and instructions and All forms and publications
Note: You can search for a form in the “Forms, Instructions and Publications Search” bar.

Download Forms
Click on the form name below to download it to your computer or device. Depending on your browser, you may receive a pop-up asking for permission to download or to designate a location to download to. For more information, check your download settings located within your browser settings.
You will need to download your forms if you want to submit them as a mobile print job.

  • Form 1040: US Individual Income Tax Return
  • Form 1040-ES: Estimated tax for individuals
  • Form 1040-SR: Tax Return for Seniors
  • Form 1040 Schedule A: Itemized Deductions
  • Form 1040 Schedule B: Interest and Ordinary Dividends
  • Form 1040 Schedule C: Profit or Loss from Business
  • Form 1040 Schedule D: Capital Gains and Losses
  • Form 1040 Schedule E: Supplemental Income and Loss
  • Form 1040 Schedule EIC: Earned Income Credit
  • Form 1040 Schedule F: Profit or Loss from Farming
  • Form 1040 Schedule H: Household Employment Taxes
  • Form 1040 Schedule J: Income Averaging for Farmers and Fisherman
  • Form 1040 Schedule R: Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled
  • Form 1040 Schedule SE: Self-Employment Tax
  • Form 1040 Schedule 8812: Child Tax Credit
  • Form W-4: Employee’s Withholding Certificate
  • Form W-7: Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Form W-9: Request for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification
  • Form 4065-T: Request for Transcript of Tax Return
  • Form 941: Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return
  • Form 9465: Installment Agreement Request
  • Form SS-4: Application for Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Form 1098: Mortgage Interest Statement
  • Form 1099-MISC: Miscellaneous Income
  • Form 1099-INT: Interest Income
  • Form 4868: Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

State Forms

Ohio tax forms and instructions can be found online here. There is also a search function. Click below to download a form.

  • Ohio IT-1040: Individual Income Tax Return
  • IT 1040 Bundle With Schedules
  • IT 1040ES: Estimated Payment Vouchers
  • IT 10: Zero Liability / No Refund Individual Income Tax Return
  • IT 40P: Income Tax Payment Voucher
  • SD 40P: School District Income Tax Payment Voucher
  • SD 100 Bundle: School District Income Tax Returns (includes SD 100, SD 40P, SD 40XP, and SD RE)
  • SD 100ES: School District Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher for Individuals
  • IT 1041: Fiduciary Income Tax Return

Local Tax Forms

Most municipalities in the Greater Cleveland area (including Westlake) are members of Ohio RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency) and can use the RITA form for local taxes. A few cities, such as Lakewood, Brook Park, and Parma, have their own individual forms. RITA’s forms can be found here and a list of member municipalities can be found here. Click on a form name below to download.

  • RITA Form 37: Individual Municipal Income Tax Return
  • Brook Park Income Tax Return Form
  • Lakewood L1: City Income Tax Return for Individuals
  • Parma Form 1040: City of Parma Income Tax Return

Tax Information and Assistance

Westlake Porter Public Library does not offer tax assistance. Below is a list of local organizations that may be able to assist individuals in filing taxes.