Thank you to everyone that attended storytime this week! Here’s a recap of the stories and songs shared in storytime .

This week’s theme was food!


Cover image for Lunch
Lunch by Denise Fleming – We used a flannel version of this story with a mouse puppet

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Rhymes and Songs

Stir the Soup
Stir, stir, stir the soup.
Stir it all day long!
Add some (insert food name here).
Take a big SLUUURRRP!
This soup will make us strong!

Popcorn Song
Popcorn kernels, popcorn kernels.
In the pot, in the pot.
Shake them, shake them, shake them!
‘Til they POP! ‘Til they POP!

Silly Silly Bananas!*
Silly, silly bananas.
I love to eat them so.
But my bananas have been acting silly, let me show you.
Come on, let’s go!

I walked up to the banana like a monkey in a zoo.
I began to peel the banana skin back and saw that the banana inside was…

So… I grabbed a second banana and hid under the bathroom sink.
I began to peel the banana skin back and saw that this banana was…

So… I snuck back in the kitchen, trying not to make a scene.
I began to peel the banana skin back and saw that the banana was…

So… I tiptoed in the kitchen, but it was now getting time for bed.
I grabbed another banana, peeled the skin back only to find that this banana was…

I decided to give it one more try!
I ran into the kitchen and stared at the last banana.
Stared with all my might!
I grabbed the banana and peeled the skin back and guess what?
The banana was WHITE!
*Courtesy of Kid in Me Creations

Can you count the bananas and name all the colors?

Literacy Tip

NAME EVERYTHING! An extensive vocabulary is a big help when it comes time to learn to read.  Having a large “word bank” will help children recognize words faster as they begin to learn to read. An easy way to introduce new words to your little one is to name items that you put into your cart at the grocery store or items that you use to make meals at home.