Thank you to everyone that attended storytime this week! Here’s a recap of the stories and songs shared in storytime.


The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson
Counting with Cow by Hannah Wood
Part of our Storytime Collection – not available for check out

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Rhymes and Songs

Two Little Pumpkins
Two little pumpkins sitting on a hill.
One named Jack and the other named Jill.
Roll away Jack! Roll away Jill!
Roll back Jack! Roll back Jill!

I Went For a Walk Around the Farm One Day
I went for a walk around the farm one day.
I met a cow along the way.
What did he say?
Additional verses: replace cow with other farm animals

Five Crows All Shiny Black
Five crows all shiny black,
sat on a scarecrow’s back.
Eating the most delicious corn.
Scarecrow winked and shouted, “BOO”!
Scared a crow and away he flew.
Now there are 4 shiny black crows.
Caw! Caw!
(repeat with 4, 3, 2, and 1)

Click the download button below to print a set of your own shiny black crows.

Literacy Tip

Using puppets and other props for creative play inspires storytelling.  As children play together with puppets and props, they will naturally begin to use them to make up stories.  Puppets become their characters.  Using puppets will strengthen oral language skills, which we know plays an important role in learning to read.  After reading stories, puppets and props can be used to retell stories.  This practice helps strengthen comprehension skills.