Publisher Highlight: DK Publishing

During the pandemic, many parents, educators and librarians have turned to the web for inspiration to encourage our children/students/patrons. There is a lot out there and may seem overwhelming. While having downloadables and activity pages is not new to children’s publishing, the amount and variety of resources has increased.

Across the top of the page are several different links. We are going to be looking at the tab for Home Learning. This page is broken down into Home Learning for Kids and Home Activities for Adults.

Home Learning for Kids is further broken down into Preschool, Curriculum Resources and Activities for Ages 5-12.

I have highlighted just a few of the downloadable resources below.

President Activity Pack  pdf

What is an Election? by Caryn Jenner

What is the President’s Job by Allison Singer

Presidents by James Barber

First Ladies by Amy Pastan

The Presidents Visual Encyclopedia by Philip Parker

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