With an election coming up, you may be looking to help a child understand voting and the election process. These books and resources can help!

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Cover image for V is for voting

V is for Voting by Kate Farrell
A timely picture book that acts as an introduction to civics for young readers.

Cover image for One vote, two votes, I vote, you vote : all about voting

One vote, two votes, I vote, you vote : all about voting by Bonnie Worth
Written in simple rhyme, this Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library Book introduces early readers to the concept and practice of voting–with a focus on the American Presidency!

Cover image for I voted : making a choice makes a difference

I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference by Mark Shulman
With the next presidential election upon us, this witty, nonpartisan book will help explain the concept of voting to the youngest readers.

Cover image for Voting : a kid's guide

Voting: A Kid’s Guide by Nelson Yomtov
The votes are in! What is voting all about? Readers find out why voting is important and how it plays a part our elections.

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Cover image for Does Voting Matter?

Does Voting Matter by Leslie Beckett
Society can be cynical at times, and this can lead to apathy. One example of this is the question of whether or not a person’s individual vote in an election actually matters.

Cover image for Voting

Voting by Vincent Alexander
In this book, readers will learn about one of the important duties of active citizens. Why should we vote? Why is it a privilege? Vibrant, full-color photos and carefully leveled text will engage young readers as they learn more. Compelling questions encourage further inquiry.

Cover image for Voting for the President of the United States

Voting for the President of the United States by Shannon H. Harts
Why is voting to choose the president of the United States important? What is the process and how has it changed? These essential questions and more are answered in this book, which will educate students about an important facet of citizenship.

Cover image for A Kid's Guide to the Voting Process

A Kid’s Guide to the Voting Process by Tammy Gagne
Americans have been voting since the United States was first formed. As U.S. citizens, we vote for our country’s presidents, senators, and representatives in Congress. We also vote for local leaders like mayors and city council members. We even cast votes to decide how our tax dollars are spent. How does the voting process work, though?

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