Mason Jar Pumpkins

Supplies: Mason Jar, Tissue Paper (orange & black), Paint Brush, Black Tulle, Glue (not included) and Scissors.

Make sure your Mason Jar is clean and dry.  Tear or cut your tissue paper into the sizes you will need for your design. I used a long strip of orange that wrapped around the jar. (See picture below).

In a small bowl or cup, make the glue mixture. Use equal amounts of glue & water. Stir well.

Tip: You do not need much.

Brush some of the glue mixture onto the jar. Place your tissue paper piece onto the bottle/jar and paint over the paper again with the glue mixture.

Add a second layer of tissue paper and another layer of glue mixture.

Cut out your desired jack-o-lantern face shapes (black tissue paper) and stick them onto the orange.  Add another layer of the glue mixture.

Add the strip of tulle to the top of the jar and tie it in a bow, add the tea light and you’ve got a Mason Jar Pumpkin.