Publisher Highlight: Sourcebooks

During the pandemic, many parents, educators and librarians have turned to the web for inspiration to encourage our children/students/patrons. There is a lot out there and may seem overwhelming. While having downloadables and activity pages is not new to children’s publishing, the amount and variety of resources has increased.

When you click on the COVID Resources tab, you will find additional links for Virtual Events, Activities for Kids, and Online Storytime Requests. This blog is mostly focused on the Activities for Kids (Find activity kits, card games, and free workshops and interactive activities from our authors and illustrators perfect for kids stuck at home!)

Or you can click on Librarians and Educators drop down list for Resources where you will find additional links for Book Clubs, All Educator Guides, All Activity Kits, and All Discussion Guides.

Following are some selected books, characters and series from Sourcebooks:

Click on the character for the link to that resource or click on the title for access to those books/movies/other in the WPPL catalogue.

Cover image for A thousand no's

A Thousand NO’s by DJ Corchin

Cover image for How to Catch a Unicorn

How To Catch a … Series by Adam Wallace

Cover image for Shark Lady

Shark Lady, The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist by Jess Keating

Cover image for The elephants' guide to hide-and-seek

The Elephants Guide to Hide and Seek by Kjersten Hayes

Cover image for The Halloween tree

The Halloween Tree By Susan Montanari


Horrid Henry Series by Francesca Simon

I have highlighted only a sampling of the resources available on this site. There are more characters and books, discussion guides, book club guides, educator guides, book trailers and author storytimes. Check it out!