Just because you can’t come to Brick Builders at the library, doesn’t mean you have to stop being creative! Grab some bricks and your favorite minifigures and get to work building a fun and exciting adventure of your own. Need inspiration? Below are a few examples to get you started:

Looking for additional ideas? The library has plenty of books to help get those creative juices flowing:

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Full of facts, jokes and activities, LEGO® Minifigure Mayhem is perfect for young LEGO® fans who are beginning to develop a love of reading. Find out about some of the coolest and silliest LEGO® minifigure characters with simple, entertaining text and fun fact files. Discover the Chef’s tastiest creations, laugh at the Clown’s funniest jokes, and be inspired by creative LEGO® play ideas and challenges.

365 Things to Do with LEGO® Bricks inspires you to look at your LEGO® bricks in new and exciting ways. This interactive book features imaginative play and building ideas, from LEGO® projects that take just a few minutes and require a handful of bricks to inspirational build ideas and activities to keep you occupied for hours.

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Visual tips and advice from LEGO® fan builders will encourage you to get creative and have fun while learning new building skills such as building your own LEGO® pet, challenging your friends to make the tallest LEGO® tower against the clock, and creating a LEGO® treasure hunt.

365 Things to Do with LEGO® Bricks is full of games and activities that will keep you busy every day of the year.
The ultimate collection of LEGO® facts and Minifigures in brick-sized bites of trivia.

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Can you believe that a wooden duck was one of the LEGO® Group’s first toys? Or that 68,000 LEGO® pieces are created every minute? Did you know that the evil Overlord is the only NINJAGO® Minifigure to wear a skirt? Or that you’ll find a LEGO® croissant piece inside 44 LEGO sets? LEGO®: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know is crammed full of fun and fascinating trivia for LEGO® fans of every age. From minuscule Minifigure mugs to the largest LEGOLAND® model, it covers all the places, populations, pieces, and themes that make up the LEGO® world. Produced in collaboration with the LEGO® Group.

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Be inspired to create and build amazing models with your LEGO® bricks!

The LEGO® Ideas Book is packed full of tips from expert LEGO builders on how to make jet planes reach new heights, create fantastic fortresses, swing through lush jungles, have fun on the farm and send space shuttles out of this world!

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This unique project book shows kids how to make new LEGO characters, toys and props, then entertains with hilarious things happening to the characters built into the projects. Sarah Dees is back again with Epic LEGO® Adventures With Bricks You Already Have featuring more fun and adventurous LEGO projects for kids, but this time with a fun twist. Each chapter features adventure scenes with characters and funny events; kids learn to build each element of the scene step by step, even the broken, smashed or destroyed things. For example, in the camping chapter, kids build an outdoor adventure scene gone wrong with a bear destroying a tent and eating all the food, while the family takes a joyride in a canoe that— oh no!— capsizes them into the lake! Kids build the broken canoe, the lake with splashes and the family floating downstream. Other adventure stories include dinosaur world where kids build life-like dinosaur characters and half-eaten buildings with a T-Rex chomping down on one. Kids can build a space scene with fearsome aliens and their awesome space blaster gun that shoots, of all things, pizzas! Kids will be rolling on the floor in laughter as they build the parts and act out the scenes with their own LEGOs. The book is the best form of entertainment for kids— they use critical thinking and creativity to build the projects, laugh as they put together the funny parts and then play for hours on end with their new toys. This book is a dream-come-true for parents, babysitters and caretakers seeking new ways to inspire kids to entertain themselves.