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If you want a book about trees, how they communicate, and their surprisingly deep and rich lives, then you’ll love The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben.

There’s something so special about trees. They’re so big, so beautiful, and so long-lived. They give us oxygen and shade, and their root systems help stabilize the soil to prevent erosion. But, did you know that trees do so much more? They can communicate with each other, form “friendships,” and help to keep each other alive. This fascinating book takes a look at the inner workings of trees and their “communities”.

If you were looking for a super-chill book full of Bob Ross quotes and paintings, then you’ll love Happy Little Accidents: The Wit and Wisdom of Bob Ross by Bob Ross and Michelle Witte.

Who doesn’t love Bob Ross? His show, The Joy of Painting charmed millions of viewers and continues to do so today. Whether you’re a serious art student or just want to watch him create his beautiful masterpieces, Bob Ross was always entertaining. And best of all, he always filled his show with gentle words of wisdom and advice for his viewers. This little book brings together his beautiful artwork with those words of wisdom, for a book that is uniquely beautiful and uplifting.

If you were looking for a book where Barrack Obama and Joe Biden solve mysteries together, then you’ll love Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer.

Joe Biden misses Barack Obama. Since their term of office ended, Barrack never writes. He never calls. And Joe is sick and tired of reading about all his adventures with other celebrity friends on social media. But, mostly, he’s bored. So, when his favorite railroad conductor dies under mysterious circumstances, Joe decides to solve the case himself. But, he’ll need some help to do it. So, when “Barry” comes out of hiding to talk to his old friend again, the two team up to discover what really happened.

If you want a cute and quirky read that’s part DIY craft book and part Japanese travelogue, then you’ll love Hello Tokyo: 30+ Handmade Projects and Fun Ideas for a Cute, Tokyo-Inspired Lifestyle by Ebony Bizys.

Ebony Bizys is obsessed with Japanese culture, so it only makes sense that she’d want to move there permanently. This bright and quirky book includes pictures and little anecdotes of her adventures in Japan, as well as cute, simple, and inexpensive crafts you can do at home to bring a touch of Japan into your own life.

If you wanted a book of hilariously fake Craigslist ads (and the very real responses they garnered) then you’ll love Race Me in a Lobster Suit: Absurd Internet Ads and the Real Conversations that Followed by Kelly Mahon.

Kelly Mahon started posting weird Craigslist ads as a creative outlet. It was just meant to be for fun. But, when people started volunteering for her ridiculous jobs (knitting her into a cocoon for the winter, tickling her, dressing up like a spider to reenact a nightmare, etc.), she started creating more. This book is made up of the most hilarious results (with permission from those involved, and name changes, of course!).


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