We’ve got some more excellent titles, all hand-picked by our staff! Enjoy this week’s selection from staff in Adult Services, Youth Services, Admin, and Technical Services! If you enjoyed these titles, consider checking out last week’s list!

Evelyn (Adult Services) recommends: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
Category: Adult Fiction

Eleanor’s life is perfectly “fine”. Not better, not worse, and she’s fine with that, too. But her mediocre existence of frozen pizza, vodka, and chats with mummy (with no unnecessary social contact) is turned upside down when she meets Raymond, the bumbling, unhygienic IT guy from her office. And when the two save Sammy, an elderly gentleman who has fallen, they rescue each other from their lives of isolation.

Katie (Youth Services) recommends: Free Lunch by Rex Ogle
Category: Juvenile Non-Fiction

Katie says: Free Lunch is the 2020 Winner of the Young Adult Services Association’s Excellence in Non-fiction for Young Adults Award.  This true story of the writer’s first semester in 6th grade reads like fiction, but is honest and real and both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Guy (Administration) recommends: Cleveland: The Best Kept Secret by George Condon
Category: Adult Non-Fiction

Guy says: George Condon was a Plain Dealer writer who has written a number of books about Cleveland. I would start with Cleveland: the Best Kept Secret. It has a great chapter on Public Safety Director Eliot Ness. His other books are also good, especially Gaels of Laughter and Tears.

Sue (Adult Services) recommends: Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger
Category: Adult Mystery

The summer of 1961 in New Bremen, Minnesota was one that thirteen year old Frank Drum would never forget. Tragedy strikes his family and Frank finds himself thrown into a world of lies and secrets. The story is told forty years later, as Frank tries to make sense of the events of that summer, and a world that seemed to be falling apart around him. This is a deeply moving novel about wisdom and maturity, the pain of growing up, and God.

Tom (Technical Services) recommends: The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien
Category: All Ages Fantasy

Tom says: The Hobbit! My all-time favorite book, and a classic adventure story! What I particularly like is how the greatest heroes are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, and that there really is more to each and every one of us than we ever would have guessed. There are great truths contained in this book. Also, it shows how good always triumphs over evil, even if it takes a while, and happens through unlikely means.


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