The month of September is dedicated to raise awareness of addiction treatment and celebrate those who are recovering or who are supporting those recovering. Recovery is possible. The following are stories of those who struggled and endured. If you are someone who is struggling with recovery f rom an addiction, know that you aren’t alone. There is hope.

Between Breaths

Between Breaths: a Memoir of Panic and Addiction
Elizabeth Vargas
ABC news correspondent and 20/20 cohost Elizabeth Vargas narrates her struggle with alcoholism with honesty and grace.

We are the luckiest : the surprising magic of a sober life
Laura McKowen

This inspirational tale of triumph will help you to see the light regardless of your addiction.

Quit like a woman : the radical choice to not drink in a culture obsessed with alcohol
Holly Whitaker
Holly Whitaker talks about the history and science of alcohol and taking the unpopular position of giving up addiction.

Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey through His Son’s Addiction
David Sheff

Sheff’s touching memoir of a father’s struggle to help his son deal with drug addiction and the journey through recovery will move and uplift you.

Pill Head: the Secret Life of a Painkiller Addict
Joshua Lyon
Lyon’s addiction to prescription painkillers is an all too familiar story. He chronicles how easy they were to purchase at the time, the early 2000’s. All you needed was an Internet connection.

Don’t forget me : a lifeline of hope for those touched by substance abuse and addiction
Steve Grant
The author talks about losing both of his sons to opioid overdoses, and offers advice for parents looking to steer their children through recovery.

Obsessed: America’s Food Addiction-and My Own
Mika Brzezinski and Diane Smith
Brzezinski teams up with her friend to confront her ideas about food and fitness which stem from her obsessions with junk food and binging.

Victoria Vogel

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