Welcome back to the Kinder Club blog! Each week we will focus on a letter of the alphabet and share fun activities and tips to help you get ready to make the big leap into Kindergarten.

This week’s letter is Tt!

T is for ten, tiger and tree!

Can you trace the letter in the picture above with your finger? Can you write the letter on a piece of paper? Try writing the letter in uppercase and lowercase. Remember uppercase is BIG and lowercase is small.  

Mrs. K. went on a letter hunt looking for things that start with the letter T. Now it’s YOUR turn. How many things can you find? Did you find anything that was TINY? Did you find anything that was TALL? How about anything that was TICKLISH or TASTY? What was your favorite item that you found today?

If you picked up a Letter of the Week packet from the library, have fun completing this week’s activities and stay tuned for next week’s letter. 

Kindergarten Readiness Tip: T is for tying your shoes! Tying is a very important skill and the best way to practice is to learn to tie your shoes! If you are a beginner, the best way to practice is to place your shoe on the table or floor or by asking a grown-up to help you make a shoe-tying board like the one in the video here. After you’ve practiced, practiced, practiced put your shoe on and try tying it while wearing it. Learning to tie shoes is tricky so it is okay to make mistakes and ask for help!