In honor of our Virtual Health Fair Week, we are taking a moment to spotlight some of our titles that focus on healthy parenting, both in mind and body. This is not an exhaustive list, simply a highlight of some of the newer titles in our collection.


Ebooks and Downloadable Audiobooks

Parenting in a Pandemic
Kelly Fradin

Extraordinary Parenting: the Essential Guide to Parenting and Educating at Home
Eloise Rickman

Help, I’m Failing as a Mom: the Survival Guide to Raising a Child with a Mood Disorder
Tanya Trevett

The Modern Approach to the Birds and the Bees: a Parent’s Comprehensive Guide to Talking About Sexuality
Robin Pickering

Online Resources

The library also has a selection of health and medicine databases that provide useful information to parents. Identify symptoms, locate a pediatrician, and receive accurate information on a variety of parenting health topics with these useful online tools which can be used from home with your library card.

Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate