Up until recently, it was believed that pumas are solitary creatures. (That means that they like to spend time alone instead of hanging out with other cats!) But guess what?! Using GPS technology and motioned-triggered cameras, some curious scientists figured out that pumas are much more social than anyone ever thought possible! (That means that they do hang out with other pumas from time to time and even share some of their meals!) No wonder Suma is so excited to see her friends and head out on occasional field trips with library staff!

While thinking about ways to keep her entertained, we remembered that Suma often asks about a game called “Guess Who?” that she used to watch library customers playing from way up on her perch in Youth Services. (Yes, pumas have excellent eyesight!) In this game, each player starts with a board that includes pictures of 24 people with all the images standing up and then chooses a character from a deck containing the same 24 pictures. Next, they use yes-or-no questions to figure out which character card their opponent has selected. For example, they might ask, “Does your character wear a hat?” If the answer is no, the asker flips down all of the characters wearing hats. If the answer is yes, they flip down all the characters not wearing hats. Once a player thinks they know the identity of their opponent’s character, it’s time to make a guess!

We decided that a game board picturing some of Suma’s animal friends might be loads more fun for her than one picturing lots of humans, so we set about creating a new game made just for her! If you’d like to play Suma’s version of the game at home, click “download” below.