Looking for your next favorite read? Why not try one of these? Check out these recommendations from the staff in Adult and Youth Services!

Natalie (Youth Services) recommends: Southermost by Silas House
Category: Adult Fiction

Natalie says: I read it in 2018 and it is life-changing. It is a novel that has Appalachian folks meet Key West characters. It’s a book about parental kidnapping that celebrates the father-son bond. It pays homage to the American road trip novel and in doing so it demonstrates quite literally that sometimes you have to travel as far as you can to find your home. This is a book for readers who like character and setting driven books about perfectly imperfect families.

Rebecca (Youth Services) recommends: Front Desk by Kelly Yang
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Mia Tang has a lot of secrets. One: she lives in a motel, instead of a house. Every day her immigrant parents clean the motel rooms, while Mia tends to the front desk. Two: her parents are hiding immigrants. And if their mean boss, Mr. Yao finds out that they are letting them stay there for free, the whole family is doomed! Three: Mia wants to be a writer, but since English is not her first language, her mother thinks she should stick to math. It will take all of Mia’s courage, kindness, and hard work to survive the year and achieve her dreams. Can she do it? You’ll have to read to find out!

Victoria (Adult Services) recommends: Ghost World by Daniel Clowes
Category: Adult Graphic Novel

Victoria says: I have seen the movie several times, but never read the graphic novel…until now.  Two sarcastic witty teens have a unique outlook on life that evolves as the two of them are approaching the beginning of a new chapter.  Becky and Enid are weird in a very appealing way.  Their wise cracking dialogue as they meander through life is, to say the least, entertaining.  They are on the precipice of life after high school, and dealing with the possibility of  growing apart.  It’s moving, funny, and affecting.  We own the special edition which contains the movie screenplay.

Evelyn (Adult Services) recommends: Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok
Category: Adult Fiction

Evelyn says: I loved Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok.  She only wrote 3 books and they are all excellent. This is about a girl and her mom who came from China to work for their aunt’s sweatshop and all their struggles and accomplishments. 

Cathy (Youth Services) recommends: I, Cosmo by Carlie Sorosiak
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Cathy says: Cosmo, a 13 year old golden retriever, narrates this heartwarming tale of a dog and his humans. Touching on divorce and on finding friends in unexpected places, the story is a beautiful (and humorous) portrayal of family, love and dancing dogs!


I'm the Reader's Advisory Librarian at WPPL. My interests include old horror films, classic novels, manga and anime, paper-crafting, and plants. If you like my suggestions, you can request personalized recommendations from me on My Librarian page.