See if you can follow the clues and crack the case!
These puzzling page-turners will have you wondering, “Whodunit????”


The Winterhouse Mysteries by Ben Guterson

It’s springtime at Winterhouse and Elizabeth is settling into the joyful chaos of her new home. But it isn’t long before she and Freddy are drawn into an ominous new mystery. Guests at the hotel start behaving oddly, and Elizabeth’s powers manifest in thrilling–sometimes frightening–new ways. As unnatural tremors shake the foundations of Winterhouse, Elizabeth hears cries for help from Gracella Winters, a villain she’d thought dead and gone for good.

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Super Puzzletastic Mysteries by Chris Grabenstein

New York Times bestselling author Chris Grabenstein and his all-star cast of contributing authors team up for Super Puzzletastic Mysteries, a group of interactive short stories that invite the reader to solve the mystery themselves.

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The Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten by Krista Van Dolzer

Twelve-year-old painter Esther can’t wait to attend Camp Vermeer, the most prestigious art camp around. But when her stepdad accidentally drives up the wrong mountain, she lands at Camp Archimedes–a math camp! Determined to prove herself to the other campers, she tackles a brain-teaser that’s supposed to be impossible, and solves it in a single day. But not everyone is happy about it… someone wants her out of camp at any cost, and starts leaving cryptic, threatening notes all over the grounds. Esther doesn’t know who to trust. Will she solve this riddle before it’s too late?

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The Boney Hand by Karen Kane

All Charlie Tickler wants is for his parents to listen. All Francine (a.k.a Frog) Castle wants is to be the world’s greatest detective. So begins the friendship of Charlie and Frog, who soon become a crime-solving duo, restoring order to Castle-on-the-Hudson. Charlie, the new kid at the Castle School for the Deaf continues to find unexpected mysteries in the sleepy town of Castle-on-the-Hudson with Frog, his new friend and crime-solving partner. Just when Charlie thinks everything has settled down, a piece of the school’s famous history goes missing, and it’s up to the Charlie and Frog to solve the case, before it’s too late.

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The Great Shelby Holmes and the Haunted Hound by Elizabeth Eulberg

Now infamous in their Harlem neighborhood for solving the most difficult mysteries, super sleuths Shelby Holmes and John Watson stumble into their creepiest case yet. Residents of a local apartment building are hearing scary noises at night, like screams, scratching, and an unearthly dog’s howl. It can’t be a ghost…Can it? Well, Shelby Holmes doesn’t believe in ghosts, and she plans to prove they don’t exist! But Watson can’t help but wonder if there are more supernatural forces at work–especially after he and Shelby hear rumors that the building’s previous owner, Hugo Baskerville, and his loyal hound haunt the premises. If Shelby and Watson want to find out who (or what!) is behind the spookiness, they’ll have to prove they’re not afraid of ghosts–by surviving an overnight Halloween stakeout!

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Space Shuttle Scam by Ron Roy

Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose head to Florida where they uncover a scam at a local space memorabilia attraction.

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The Misfits Club by Kieran Crowley

Nothing exciting ever happens in the small town of Newpark, where Brian, Hannah and twins Chris and Sam live. And when they start their summer vacation, they know it’s the end of an era. The Misfits Club–a club they started when they were eight years old–is disbanding, and they still haven’t managed to solve any real mysteries. But when they persuade new club member Amelia to go investigate a spooky old house, they unxpectedly discover some stolen goods. Could this be their chance for one last adventure? One thing is for sure, though: Newpark is decidedly more interesting now.”

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The Mystery of the Forgotten Family by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Boxcar Children are helping a friend find out more about their family’s history. But what they find is a mystery going back generations! Can the Aldens help their friend unlock secrets of the past–and present?

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The Hall of Fame Heist by Mike Lupica

When they go on a field trip to a pop-up museum sponsored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame, eight-year-old twins Zach and Zoe discover an empty display case and with the help of their friends, they figure out what happened.

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The Colorade Curveball by David A. Kelly

Cousins Mike and Kate investigate after someone threatens to tamper with the scoreboard right before the Colorado Rockies’ season opener.