These back to school books are fun for kids of all ages!

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Hello School! by Priscilla Burris

Children have fun at school experiencing familiar classroom activities for the first time.

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Choo-Choo School by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

No racing in the haul-ways! All aboard the train-car pool! A new lineup of students is off and rolling to Choo-Choo School. After reciting their classroom rules — Work hard, play fair, be kind — it’s time for some math to get the wheels turning.

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The School Book by Todd Parr

Todd Parr introduces readers to all the things they can do at school”

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No Frogs in School by A. Lafaye

Bartholomew Botts loves pets and doesn’t want to go to school without one. Unfortunately, when Bartholomew brings his new frog to class, his teacher, Mr. Patanoose, declares: “No frogs in school!” So what happens when Bartholomew’s beloved hoppy, hairy, and scaly creatures meet up with Mr. Patanoose’s rules? Lots of fun!

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Back to School with Bigfoot by Samantha Berger

The school year is about to start, and Bigfoot is worried about all the things that could go wrong–but he also remembers that all his friends will be there.

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The Perfect School Picture by Deborah Diesen

After planning for months to have the perfect school picture taken, a boy’s moment of weakness ruins everything.

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Superhero vs. School by Ethan Long

Superhero Scotty is prepared to face any enemy except school, but with true friends by his side he can stand up to even this most sinister foe.

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Big Red School by Norman Bridwell
When Emily describes all the fun activities at school and Clifford wishes he could join her, Emily creates a school for dogs in the backyard.

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Stanley’s School by William Bee

It is another busy day at school as Stanley and Hattie ready Little Woo, Sophie, and Benjamin for story time, playtime, gardening, lunch, and nap time.

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Time For School! by Brian Biggs

Even though she has just moved to Tinyville Town, everyone at her new school, from Principal Paul to the lunch lady, is kind and does his or her part to keep things running smoothly for Ellie Emberley on her first day of school.

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Lola Goes to School by Anna McQuinn

Lola meets new friends and tries many new things on her fun but exhausting first day of school.

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Your School, My School, Our Schools by Emma Berne

Schools are different around the world, but we all need to learn! How are we alike and different? Find out in My School, Your School, Our Schools.

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Take Your Octopus to School Day by Audrey Vernick

Just once, Sam wants to be the best on a special day at school, but on “Take Your Octopus to School Day,” his pet, Thurgood, surprises even him.

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Mae’s First Day of School by Kate Berube

Today is Mae’s first day of school. But Mae says, “I’M. NOT. GOING.” With the help of Rosie and Ms. Pearl, will Mae be ready to start the day?