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I might be a bit biased here, but I think librarians are super-cool. They’re smart, quirky, and know a lot about a lot of different things. So, of course, I love reading books with librarian characters. In case you feel the same way I do (or are just interested in seeing what makes librarians so interesting), I’ve put together a list of books for your reading enjoyment!

Libraries are for everyone, which is why RoseAleta Laurell is so surprised to hear that the patrons of the Dr. Eugene Clark Library in Lockhart, Texas think the library is only for adults. In order to raise money for a much-needed Children’s department, RoseAleta stages a rather unorthodox publicity stunt–she lives on the roof of the library for an entire week, and even weathers out a dangerous storm! Librarian on the Roof is a fun true story to share with your children, and a great reminder that the library really is for everyone!

Anyone who has ever worked in customer service knows that sometimes, the strangest things can happen. Any time you work with other people, you’re destined to cross paths with unusual characters or find yourself in tricky situations that you never would have expected. Libraries are certainly no exception. I Work at a Public Library is a special sort of book, written by librarians about their misadventures while at work. Want to see if you have what it takes to be a librarian? Check out this book and see for yourself!

Our next book is from a local author! Jill Grunenwald took on a job as a prison librarian more out of necessity than passion. As a recent graduate with a Master’s Degree in Library Science and a looming recession upsetting her job search, Jill wasn’t sure if she was cut out to be a librarian at a minimum security men’s prison, but she needed a job. Her time at the prison was short, but the experiences she had were invaluable, ranging from dangerous to silly to deeply heartfelt and poignant. Reading Behind Bars might not be quite what you expected, but it’s well-worth a read!

If you enjoyed this book, consider reading Jill’s other memoir, Running with a Police Escort.

World’s Strongest Librarian is the story of Josh Hanagarne, a 6’7″ gentle giant who turned to body-building in order to help him keep his Tourette Syndrome under control. Through this sweet and funny memoir, Josh talks about his childhood, Mormon faith, struggle with Tourette Syndrome, and of course, his experiences as a librarian. Hanagarne’s offbeat memoir is about a little bit of everything, and makes for an excellent book club selection, too!

A young boy with a voracious appetite for books finds himself lost in a part of the library he has never been to before, where he soon becomes the prisoner of an evil librarian who plans to fill his brain with knowledge and then eat him. But, while imprisoned in The Strange Library, our little hero makes some friends who are willing to help him escape, including a girl who turns into a bird, and a sheep-man. This is a quick read and can probably be finished off in a single sitting.

If you enjoyed this book, consider checking out my blog post on Haruki Murakami for more books by this author!


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