There’s something really fun about the immersive nature of a good fantasy series. I used to read a lot of fantasy as a kid, but as I got older, sort of fell out of the habit. I think it was in part, because I had enjoyed those children’s series I read in my younger days, and had somehow forgotten that many of the best children’s books can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. So, I’ve put together a list of fantasy titles for you. These are all written for children or teens, but are recommended for readers of all ages: children, teens, and adults.

A Wizard of Earthsea is the first in the beloved Earthsea series. This is the tale of Ged, the most powerful wizard in Earthsea. Once he was known as Sparrowhawk, a reckless youth whose thirst for knowledge and power unleashed a terrible evil on the world. This is the story of how he made things right, taming a dragon, mastering the words of power, and crossing the threshold into death in his attempts to restore the balance.

If you enjoyed this book, consider checking out the sequel, The Tombs of Atuan.

The Book of Three is the first book in the Chronicles of Prydain series. Young Taran is sick of his job as an assistant pig keeper. He wants to go on adventures and be a warrior. The chance comes sooner than he expected, however, when Hen Wen, the oracular pig Taran was supposed to be protecting runs away, and he must track her down before a threatening new foe, the Horned King, can get his cruel hands on her.

If you enjoyed this book, consider the next in the series: The Black Cauldron.

The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favorite fantasy series! The stories are fascinating, the characters lovable, and the messages surprisingly deep. But, there is controversy here– mainly whether the books should be read in publication order, or chronological order. I personally advocate chronological, because when asked, this was the order that Lewis provided. So, I’d say start with The Magician’s Nephew, a quirky tale about Digory, his friend Polly, and his crazy uncle Andrew’s magic rings.

Looking for more? The fun continues in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

I always enjoy a bit of spookiness, and the Last Apprentice Series certainly achieves that. Revenge of the Witch is a chilling tale that I would recommend more to teens and adults than to younger readers. Old Gregory has been the Spook for as long as anyone can remember, ridding the surrounding areas of evil. But, he’s getting ready to retire, and so far twenty-nine apprentices have tried to follow in his footsteps and failed. Thomas Ward is the final apprentice to be tested and tried. Will he have what it takes? Or will he end up like all the others?

The series continues with Curse of the Bane.

With its beautiful descriptions, shocking twists, and sweeping narrative, Shadow of the Master is the first in a shockingly immersive series! Emily Rodda is one of my favorite authors, ever since I picked up her Deltora Quest books. The Star of Deltora series takes place sometime later, and tells the story of Britta, a young girl who wants to sail the seas as a trader like her father. But, after a quest to retrieve the Staff of Tier ends in blood and horror and the ruin of her family name, Britta and her family are forced into hiding. Can Britta achieve her dreams of becoming the next Trader Rosalyn (and keep her identity a secret) in a world where enemies abound and her father’s demons plague her at every turn?

If you enjoyed this book, the next one in the series is Two Moons.


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