The Trouble with Hating You by Sajni Patel is an excellent love/hate romance. Liya is a successful biochemical engineer whom her Indian parents desperately want to see married already. Ambushed with a get acquainted dinner, she runs out the back door and directly into Jay, her potential suitor. As it turns out, he’s the lawyer mitigating a potential financial disaster at her company. A begrudging friendship blossoms into a hesitant romance, all the while Liya and her friends navigate Indian culture and customs in America. Both Liya and Jay have some emotional baggage so there are a few heavier moments. Told in alternating chapters between Jay and Liya, overall it’s a light-hearted romance with a happy ending.

The Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho is a love triangle set in Singapore. Andrea Tang, a successful lawyer on track to becoming a partner, is just easing back into the dating scene. Coming out of a long-term relationship that fizzled, her mother and Aunties are putting the pressure on to find Mr. Right. Comedic moments abound in the form of a younger man, dating apps and a surprisingly likeable rival and office mate. When Mr. Right comes along, Andrea will need to decide if he is right for her or her family.