… are just a computer click away with Qello Concerts by Stingray

June 19 First Energy Stadium concert postponed

Summer and concerts go together like lazy days at the beach and sunscreen … you wouldn’t think of enjoying one without the other. Summer is infinitely more pleasurable with a liberal slathering of our favorite music and musicians.

Despite the many concert cancellations or postponements you can still enjoy your favorite musicians performing in concert – albeit without the drive to FirstEnergy Stadium or Blossom.

I was Shattered when I learned that the Stones were not coming to Cleveland this summer. But don’t let me be your Beast of Burden. I’ll (Gimme) Shelter in place and get my Satisfaction with a Stingray Qello concert cause I Ain’t Too Proud to Beg for summer concerts.

Create a free Qello Concerts by Stingray account through Westlake Porter Public Library. This account enables you to stream concerts and documentaries of your favorite musical artists. You’ll need your library card to begin (ex. pppl000#######). If you already have an RBdigital account, such as for Acorn TV or Method Test Prep, we suggest you use the same password for all accounts. See the full list of Qello supported devices.

Although you can’t enjoy these artists at Blossom this summer you can enjoy them anytime on Stingray Qello.

June 14 Blossom
June 30 Blossom
June 30 Blossom

July 29 Blossom
August 11 Blossom
August 26 Blossom
September 10 Blossom
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Your Westlake Porter Public Library card and a Qello Concerts by Stingray account allow you to “watch over 1,700 of the most amazing live moments in music”.

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