When we last saw Suma, she was visiting the Storywalk at Westlake Recreation Center where she enjoyed reading One Duck Stuck. With birds still on her mind, Suma decided to head back to the Recreation Center with her trusty binoculars to see if she could spot some other feathered friends. A few of the questions that Suma asked along the way were: If you were a bird where would you build a nest? Would you eat field mice or earthworms? Would you prefer hiding among the trees or swimming in the water?

Since not many of her library friends could join Suma this time around, she was super excited to bring Flat Suma along with her. Once they started trying to name the birds they saw, they couldn’t wait to get back to the library to check out as many bird guides as their paws could carry! If, like Suma, you’ve been considering joining the ranks of local birders, there’s no time like the present to take the plunge! Click here to have Flat Suma join you as your begin your own journey.

If you’re wondering which books might help you identify birds that you see in your backyard or while taking a walk in your neighborhood, here are some books that Suma found at the library:

Bird Guide of North America by Jonathan K. Alderfer
Birding Adventures for Kids by Elissa Wolfson