Perhaps the hardest part of the COVID-19 pandemic is not being able to see family and friends. Of course, many of us miss being at work and being able to go to restaurants or stores. But, I think the hardest part has been not being able to see our loved ones.

But, there are still ways to keep in touch, even if you’re not physically together. Digital options are perhaps the most obvious–keeping in touch via phone call, Skype, Zoom, or other online chat options, email, and social media. But, I have a suggestion that’s going to seem a little out of the ordinary. What if you tried keeping in touch via good old fashioned snail mail?

Now, hear me out. The idea of sending a letter might seem a little tedious, but think about how good you feel when you get a card in the mail. Someone took the time to think about you. Now, think about how much nicer it feels when you realize that the sender not only took the time to think of you, but also to hand-write you a note, create a card, or decorate the envelope. You’d feel pretty special, right? So, why not offer that special feeling to someone you care about?

Not sure how to get started? I have a few suggestions. Try one of these books (available on Hoopla) to get you started!

Looking for more? Or, perhaps you learn best with a video instead of a book? Then check out Creativebug! They have a whole host of beautiful card-making and paper-crafting techniques to learn. Hope you have fun brightening up someone’s mailbox!


I'm the Reader's Advisory Librarian at WPPL. My interests include old horror films, classic novels, manga and anime, paper-crafting, and plants. If you like my suggestions, you can request personalized recommendations from me on My Librarian page.