Veganism is something that has always appealed to me. While I am currently not a vegan, I have been one for a couple of years. I guess you could currently call me a lazy vegetarian. I love vegetabley recipes and I am constantly looking for new ways to cook the foods I love.

When I saw this cookbook in Hoopla, I had to try it. I love my slow cooker, and use it for everything, particularly on Sundays. One Sunday I decided to expose my family to seitan. The results surprised me.

I decided to try the Chunky Seitan Roast on p. 84. For those unaware, seitan is a meat alternative that is made from wheat. This recipe calls for slow-cooked seitan (recipe on p. 16) which I made the night before. I have had seitan before and found it to be a bit chewy. This was surprisingly savory and sweet. (Hint: after making it in the slow cooker, be sure to store it with plenty of vegetable stock). The texture of this creation was melt in your mouth meaty. The thing I liked about this recipe was how healthy it was and packed with nutrition. Carrots, new potatoes, and onions are pretty much the other main ingredients. The chunky definitely came from the seitan which came from the crumbles I generously added. I added a bit more oil than the recipe required to give it a bit of fat. The result was a healthy, low calorie dinner I felt good about serving my family.

Even my 11-year-old daughter actually loved this one! This is her in the photo.

Chunky Seitan Roast

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Victoria Vogel

Adult Services Associate