Part 1

There’s nothing like binge-watching a really good show. And for an otaku like me, that means there’s nothing better than binge-watching a good anime. But, the one problem I always have is that there are just too many series to choose from, and I never know what I want to watch.

Many people tell me that they don’t like watching anime because they tried one or two series and hated them. That’s like saying that you don’t like to read because you read one or two books, or that you don’t like TV because you saw one or two shows. Like anything else, sometimes it’s just a matter of finding something in your favorite genre.

So, I’ve put together a list for you. And to help you find the perfect anime for you, I’ve divided the series into groups. Since so many series defy genre, these probably won’t be your usual categories, but, I’m confident you’ll still find something to enjoy.

Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller

If you’re looking for a good thriller, then look no further! Death Note is the story of a high school student with a god-complex, who discovers a notebook that lets him kill people by writing their names in it. He decides to reform society in his own image by killing criminals and other “undesirables”, attracting the attention of the world’s greatest detective, L. What follows is a gripping game of cat-and-mouse that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the final episode!

Steins;Gate is a terrifying tale of what happens when science goes too far. A group of college students (including a self-proclaimed “mad scientist”), discover that they can send text-messages back in time, and by doing so, change the present. But, what starts off as a fun experiment soon draws the group into a deadly set of circumstances that they cannot escape.

Haunting and Beautiful

Mushi-Shi follows Ginko, a healer who can see mushi–supernatural creatures neither animal nor plant, alive nor dead. Each episodes features a different creature for Ginko to confront, some dangerous, some simply mysterious.

This is one of the most beautiful entries on our list.

Mononoke is like a darker version of Mushi-Shi. In feudal Japan, monsters called mononoke have full reign, terrorizing humans. The mysterious Medicine Seller travels the country, slaying the evil spirits with his Exorcism Sword. However, to draw his sword, he must first understand the Form, Truth, and Reason of each mononoke he slays.

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