There are many mask-making tutorials available on the internet, from blogs like this one to YouTube videos. There are people selling masks, making masks to donate, and reviewing different types of masks. It can all be overwhelming!

Here is a round-up of the best articles and tutorials our librarians have found. There are options for those with sewing machines and for masks that use other materials, like bandannas and hair ties.

The best of the analysis

This helpful Washington Post article includes thorough information on what material to use and what type of mask to make:

Here’s a Business Insider link about a sew shop that tested various patterns and came up with their own, and here are their patterns (using shop towels, two layers of which they found was very protective):

The best of the tutorials

Here’s an excellent tutorial on making a disposable mask out of shop towels:

The CDC has concise information on how to make, wear and remove cloth face coverings from fabric, T-shirts and bandanas:

The Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams offers a simple, straightforward demonstration on how to make a cloth face covering:

If you want to keep things local

image of Cleveland skyline from Wikimedia Commons user Aivazovsky

Where to send homemade masks in Cleveland, as well as a video on how to sew masks for hospitals:

University Hospitals has mask guidelines and a way to donate homemade ones to them.

The Cleveland Clinic’s instructions are a on how to sew cloth masks are a bit involved, but fit their guidelines. Includes a link to visual instructions and information on where to donate: