Are you interested in learning a new craft or hobby, but you’re not sure where to start? Our crafty staff has gone through the CreativeBug online database to pull together the best of the best, perfect for diving in and discovering your next new creative outlet.

Don’t forget to share your finished work with us! We love to see what our patrons can make!

Art & Design

DIY Painted Gift Wrap Paper – Courtney Cerruti – 20 mins.

This simple and easy class teaches how to make homemade wrapping paper. Courtney shows variations on how to wrap gifts with the paper made from the class.

Veggie Stamp Picnic Blanket – Christine Schmidt – 24 mins.

Using simple root vegetables learn how to carve them and use them as a stamp to make cheerful picnic blanket.


Crocheted Broomstick Lace Bracelet – Marley Bird – 6 mins.

Create a crocheted cuff bracelet using a crochet hook and large knitting needle. This is a great, easy-to-follow way to turn Broomstick Lace into a bracelet.

Crochet the Calvin Tank – Wool and Gang – 2 mins.

Learn double-stitch crochet paired with mesh and create a crocheted boat-necked tank with ties. This is a perfect addition to your spring or summer wardrobe!


Make Homemade Marshmallows – Karen Solomon – 19 mins.

Create easy-to-make chunky, light and flavorful treats. These marshmallows can be toasted over a flame, put on hot chocolate or rolled in powdered sugar or toasted coconut. They are delicious!


Caged Wire-wrap – Melanie Schow – 44 mins.

Create a statement piece by wire wrapping a rock, stone, marble or shell. You will learn to make a cage around your item and prepare a bale so you can hang on a chain or cord, embellish and wear.


Bubble Mania: Fairy Wands – Rad Megan – 25 mins.

Using chenille stems, twine, straws, and wire Rad shows you how make bubble wands and learn how to make your own bubble juice. With warm weather just around the corner these fun and entertaining items are to share with children of all ages.

Hand Sew Farm Animal Finger Puppets – Allison Kaplan of Cata Golda – 29 mins.

Using two pieces of felt, a template and simple stitches make a dog, cat, pig, chick and bunny. Have fun making these finger puppets children will enjoy.


Working with Collage – Danielle Krysa – 40 mins.

Collage is a great way to express humor, wit, and explore designs. Danielle walks you through a Collage featuring Queen Elizabeth with diamonds around her. You can substitute materials as well as people photos to make your own creation. It’s easy and fun!


Market Tote Bag – Cal Patch – 42 mins.

Using simple rectangles Cal walks you through step-by-step instructions on how to make a tote bag. This class takes an easy to follow approach from prepping materials, sewing the bag to finishing the project.