Stuck at home with nothing to do? Grab some paper plates, scissors, and crayons and craft with us!

Craft a Paper Plate Tiger

Supplies: paper plate, paper for the ears, crayons, markers, or colored pencils, glue stick, scissors. Optional: construction paper, googly eyes, popsicle or craft stick.

  1. Color the paper plate.
  2. Color stripes, or cut stripes from paper, and glue onto the plate.
  3. Add eyes, nose and mouth to make the tiger’s face. 
  4. Cut and color 2 large triangles for ears and glue in place.
  5. Optional: Add a popsicle stick, or cut out eyes to wear as a mask!

Craft a Paper Plate Panda Bear

Supplies: Paper plate, black marker or crayon, scissors, glue stick, black construction paper, white paper. Optional: googly eyes or felt pads for eyes.

  1. Using black construction paper, cut out shapes for eyes, ears and nose.
  2. Using white paper, draw circles for eyes. If using felt pads or googly eyes, glue them onto paper.
  3. Glue shapes onto paper plate.
  4. Draw mouth using black marker or crayon

Craft a Paper Plate Jungle Snake

Supplies: Paper plate, crayons or makers, scissors, glue, piece of scrap paper (for tongue)

  1. Decorate both sides of the paper plate with crayons or markers.
  2. Draw a spiral on one side of the plate
  3. Carefully cut along the spiral line you drew until you reach the center.
  4. Add eyes and make a tongue to add to the center of your spiral for the snake’s head.